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Democratic House Candidate Kristy Pagan Opposes Nuclear Waste Dump


Kristy Pagan, Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 21st House District, called on the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) today to put an end to out-of-state hazardous waste dumping in Michigan. Tuesday, the Detroit Free Press reported that 36 tons of radioactive waste is scheduled to be delivered to a landfill near Belleville. 

“We must act now to protect Michigan’s Great Lakes, rivers and natural resources that our residents rely on.” said Pagan. “We must do everything we can to maintain the health of our kids, families and seniors here in Belleville. We cannot risk having hazardous waste dumped in our backyard.”

After reportedly being rejected by other states, the 36 tons of waste is being sent to Wayne Disposal landfill near Belleville. The local disposal center is the only one of its kind in our state, and though it specializes in handling toxic waste, many worry that dangerous materials will leak into our groundwater and cause irreparable harm.

“This is simply a matter of public health and safety,” Pagan said. “If there is even a chance that this dangerous waste could contaminate our groundwater and put Michigan families at risk, it should not be accepted.”

To read the Belleville Independent report on Wayne Disposal, click here.

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